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Rest stands quite generally for a release of stress, a go back to equilibrium.
In the sciences, the word can be used in the next ways:
Relaxation (physics), and even more specifically:
Relaxation (NMR), operations where nuclear magnetization earnings to the equilibrium distribution
Dielectric leisure, the hold off in the dielectric regular of any material
Vibrational energy rest, the process where substances in high energy quantum areas go back to the Maxwell-Boltzmann syndication.
Chemical leisure methods – see leisure (physics) and also temp jump

In mathematics:

Relaxation (approximation), a method for changing hard constraints into easier ones
Leisure (iterative method), a method for the numerical solution of equations
Relaxation (expansion method), a method for an all natural extension in numerical search engine optimization or variational problems

In computer research:

Relaxation, the take action of substituting alternate program code during linking

In physiology, hypnotherapy, meditation, entertainment:
Relaxation technique, a task that helps a person to relax
Relaxed in Move (mindset), circumstances of arousal, circulation, over-learned self-control and relaxation
Relaxation (mindset), the mental talk about of low tension

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